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Alfa Romeo without team principal for now: 'Structure of team changed'

Alfa Romeo without team principal for now: 'Structure of team changed'

7 February - 10:53 Last update: 11:13

Alfa Romeo will continue without a team principal for the time being. Since Fred Vasseur's departure, Sauber has appointed Andreas Seidl as CEO and Alessandro Alunni Bravi as the team's representative, but no one has been appointed team principal so far. Several team members will take on the relevant duties.

After Vasseur left for Ferrari to take over from Mattia Binotto, Alfa Romeo was without a team boss. Seidl came over from McLaren to work as CEO at Sauber, but there was still no word of a team boss. Bravi has since been appointed as the team's representative. During the launch of the C43, he explains his position.

Alfa Romeo continues without a team boss for now

"We have decided to change the organisation and structure of the team to respond to the complexity of the tasks," says the Italian. "I will work together with Xevi Pujolar our head of track engineering, together with our sporting director. I will represent the team with the FIA, with F1, with the media and sponsors."

In this way, Alfa Romeo believes it has found the right structure to carry out the duties of a team boss without appointing anyone to that position. "This structure will help address the tasks that we have ahead of us. A different structure in order to be more efficient," Bravi said.

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