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Horner cites underrated advantage at F1 teams: 'Our key asset'

Horner cites underrated advantage at F1 teams: 'Our key asset'

5 February - 10:51 Last update: 11:30


Christian Horner looks with pride at the awards he has won as Red Bull Racing team boss. Speaking to Motorsport Magazinethe experienced Briton stresses that these successes are partly due to the stability present within the team.

Whereas Red Bull changed drivers several times over the years after disappointing results, the likes of Adrian Newey, Helmut Marko, and Horner have been around for years. According to Horner, this has created a lot of internal trusts, which Red Bull now benefits from.

"I think continuity has an enormous benefit because it removes a culture of fear," Horner states. "And I think that stability is one of our key assets that we’ve enjoyed – I’ve always been a great believer in that. And you build on that stability, and you empower people to do their jobs."

Horner therefore thinks 'stability' is an underrated concept. "Formula 1 is the biggest team sport in the world, and you’ve got to have all bits of that functioning correctly and effectively and efficiently to hit the kind of results that we have over the years. And at the end of the day, it’s a people business."

Horner's motivation undiminished

The team boss added that his motivation to perform at Red Bull remains as high as it was in his early years. Among other things, Horner is looking forward to 2026, when the new regulations around the engine will apply. The formation will partner with Ford for this.

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