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'New engine partner for Red Bull to be announced in New York'

'New engine partner for Red Bull to be announced in New York'

27-01-2023 08:58 Last update: 09:38

Red Bull Racing may already be presenting its new engine partner for 2026 in New York. According to the German edition of Sky Sports the CEO of the new partner will join the car launch.

On 3 February, Red Bull Racing will present its new RB19 to the world. The new car for Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez will have a new livery but will continue with the Red Bull Powertrain for now. That engine is still an original Honda engine, but from 2026 that might change.

New partner for Red Bull

When new engine regulations come in 2026, Red Bull's ambition is to develop its own engine in Milton Keynes. However, it is looking for a partner in the technical field. Honda and Porsche were previously linked to the team, but another party appears to be teaming up with Red Bull. Of course, a link with the rumours of American Ford is then quickly made.

In any case, according to the German medium, we won't have to wait long, because besides a presentation of the RB19, Red Bull's future image will also become clearer in New York. Thus, according to reports, the CEO of the new engine partner will be at the launch, alongside Christian Horner and Adrian Newey.