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Vasseur won't favour Leclerc: 'It doesn't matter who wins'

Vasseur won't favour Leclerc: 'It doesn't matter who wins'

27 January - 07:43 Last update: 08:31


Frederic Vasseur immediately gave a clear statement during his first press moment for Ferrari. The Frenchman refuses to appoint a number one driver and also did not yet discuss a new contract for Charles Leclerc.

Vasseur's arrival

Vasseur will be Ferrari's new team boss in 2023, and he has been officially employed since 9 January this year. He thus replaces the departed Mattia Binotto, after the team finished second in the world championship in 2022. The car seemed capable of more, but too many mistakes were made by the team and the drivers.

The arrival of Vasseur seemed to put an end to the drivers' problems in particular. Vasseur has known Leclerc for some time after the two had already worked together at ART Grand Prix and Sauber. As such, Leclerc would immediately get a new contract to be tied up longer at the Maranello-based racing stable, but Vasseur does not want to know anything about that yet.

''We have to be focused on the sporting side to get the results. It is like a wedding - if both sides of the table are happy with the situation, we will continue. But it is not the priority today. We have a good relationship. We will have time to discuss about this,'' Vasseur said, according to the BBC.

Leclerc versus Sainz

Leclerc and Carlos Sainz are both still fixed at Ferrari until 2024 and the latter does not have to fear for his position either. Indeed, Vasseur wants to offer the two drivers exactly the same material and exactly the same support to be successful.

''The target is to win for Ferrari. There will be no number one or two. But if at one stage I have to take action, I will take action. It doesn't matter if it is one or the other, if at one stage of the season, I have to do something, I will do it,'' Vasseur concluded.

Ferrari was also at the track for the first time this week. An old bolide was pulled out to run on its own test track at Fiorano. After Robert Shwartzman and Carlos Sainz had already been in action on Tuesday and Wednesday, the Monegasque drove his first laps of the season in the 2021 car on Thursday.