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FIA clarifies race management: Wittich to stay on as race director in 2023

FIA clarifies race management: Wittich to stay on as race director in 2023

24-01-2023 11:22 Last update: 11:35


The FIA has confirmed that it will continue with Niels Wittich as race director in 2023. Eduardo Freitas will not return, but Wittich will not be alone. The FIA will launch a programme next month to train the next generation of stewards and race directors.

After the controversial 2021 Abu Dhabi season finale, Michael Masi was replaced as race director. Wittich and Freitas jointly took over Masi's position and rotated positions throughout the season. Finally, Wittich continued on his own as race director after the Japanese Grand Prix after Freitas was suspended until the end of the season.

Wittich to remain race director in 2023

Motorsport.com reports that Wittich will stay on as race director in 2023. The FIA will also set up an intensive training and development programme to train future race directors and stewards. The programme will be officially launched in February. A total of eight stewards and 16 race directors have signed up for the new scheme. The FIA wants to ensure that a strong plan is ready for the long term. The governing body wants to ensure that race director responsibilities are not handed over to just one person. Wittich will help bringing on the next generation of officials.

The FIA has not confirmed which individuals Wittich will take under his wing during the 2023 season. They are likely to include Formula 3 race director Claro Ziegahn, Formula 2 race director Rui Marques and steward Silvia Bellot.