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Driver's Eye camera to become even more widely available in 2023

Driver's Eye camera to become even more widely available in 2023

23 January - 16:47 Last update: 23 January - 16:47


The Driver's Eye camera will be available to all drivers during the 2023 season. The developer of the camera - Racing Force Group - announced via a press release announced that they have signed a new agreement with Formula 1.

The Driver's Eye is a small camera that can be put inside drivers' helmets to give a better view of the track. The camera sits at the driver's eye level. Last season, the camera was only available to drivers who had a helmet from developer Bell. This season, the camera is available to everyone regardless of who develops the helmet.

The camera has also become lighter, although the difference is largely negligible. Last year, the camera weighed 2.5 grams, now it weighs 1.43 grams. The camera has remained the same size though: eight millimetres.

Driver's Eye lets spectators watch along with the driver

The Driver's Eye camera is part of Formula 1's plans to show the battle on the track from as many different angles as possible. Included within those plans, for example, is the 'pedal cam' that sits at the bottom of the cockpit and focuses on the pedals.

The Driver's Eye adds a special extra layer to watching the duels on the track. It gives the viewer even more insight into what happens in a cockpit during the race. There are also certain situations where this camera can provide additional insights, for example when there is doubt about whether a driver saw a yellow flag in time, or in the dangerous situation Pierre Gasly experienced during the red flag in Japan. The camera showed the Frenchman getting awfully close to an evacuation vehicle on the track, even though the rain made it almost impossible for Gasly to see it.

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