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Wolff after Vowles' departure: 'not suddenly a big weakness'

Wolff after Vowles' departure: 'not suddenly a big weakness'

15 January - 17:27 Last update: 18:37


The Mercedes team is entering a new era. Next season, the German team will continue without one of the leaders in the garage: James Vowles, Chief Stategist since 2010. Vowles will join Willams as a team boss.

No doubt it will take some time getting used to not hear Vowles over the Mercedes team radio, but at Williams. He had a huge impact at the team, which dominated Formula 1 for years with Lewis Hamilton. Saying goodbye to such an important figure in the pit box would be a big loss for most teams. However, Mercedes does not fear the future, although Vowles is no longer part of it.


According to team boss Toto Wolff, Mercedes always takes into account the departure of a key figure within the organisation. To The Race says the Austrian: "We had that many times that people have stepped up and they leave an open position behind them, or they join another team. And it’s proof that we are developing and working with capable people. So, there is no gap left behind. For many years, we’ve discussed succession planning in this area."

He continued: "We have an extremely talented team of strategists. They have flown the aeroplane now alone in the last six months. I feel very comfortable with the structure going forward. And not that suddenly a big weakness has been created.”

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