A message to everyone at (Comment and community guidelines)

A message to everyone at (Comment and community guidelines)

05-01-2023 11:30 Last update: 14-09-2023 16:19

Our GPblog community has grown rapidly over the last few years. The more people that get involved in the F1 discussion, the more fun the sport can become for everyone. We naturally want to leave the comments as open as possible, but given the statements of a certain group of users, we feel obliged to make things clear once again. 

We want discussions on our platform in a fun and friendly manner. Having a lively discussion with a fellow fan is welcome, but it is not a license to post unnecessarily offensive, disrespectful and racist statements. It's fine to disagree, but remain civil and mature in your disagreement! 

GPblog is intended for people of all ages, so all types of behaviour and/or content such as profanity, pornography, extreme politics, xenophobia, illegal behaviour and discussion about illegal substances are not allowed. Unfortunately, we increasingly see that a certain group of users (consciously or unconsciously) not taking this into account.

What do we allow?

An open and respectful discussion. We will never censor or delete discussions unless it violates our code of conduct. We want to encourage users to give their opinion, but have a discussion in a respectful manner. 

It is unnecessary to use irresponsible language to certain drivers or critics through a reaction under our articles just because they have a different opinion than you. We expect our users to be able to communicate in a normal, respectful way. Be considerate. Always respect each other's opinions. Do you disagree with something? That's fine! But that's no reason to include offensive language or disrespectful and snide remarks. These will be deleted and bans implemented.

What do we not allow?

Unnecessary insulting actions, provoking other users or trolling. If we see this happening you can expect a ban. Bans will increase in strength. Our 72-hour ban is the strongest ban before a total closure. 

In all of the following cases, users will be banned.

Swearing with serious swear words and/or racist terms;

Abusive, insulting and unreasonable language towards drivers, team members or other GPblog users. This includes name-calling such as Crashstappen and Lulu; 

Undermining the achievements of drivers and teams;

Provide your profile with offensive or inappropriate terms. This includes profile pictures;

Glorify terrorist acts or persons;

Insulting users through message traffic;

Sending chain, spam messages or repeated messages in an attempt to trigger other users;

Post advertising or so-called referral links;

Discriminate against a driver, team member or another GPblog user based on origin, race, religion, gender, disability, age or other relevant categories.

Finally: Our team does its utmost to keep an eye on the discussions. However, given the enormous growth of our community, we may miss something now and then. Do you see a reaction that goes too far? Then use the report button so that we can intervene more quickly. In extreme cases, email with a screenshot and link to the example.

Given recent events, we urge everyone to continue to adhere to the above rule of conduct. The moment users fail to comply with the rules of conduct, a ban will follow. These bans will increase with intensity until a full account ban is applied. We hope for mutual respect between users so that a healthy discussion is always possible on GPblog.

Building a community is proud to have built a community over the years and we look forward to developing this further in the coming months and years. We have exciting updates in the pipeline. In the meantime, there is a community-organised F1 game competition that we are pleased to support. If you would like to join this competition please email We look forward to seeing our users discuss this game!