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Red Bull hopes to revive Ricciardo: 'Lost love for F1'

Red Bull hopes to revive Ricciardo: 'Lost love for F1'

05-01-2023 09:43 Last update: 11:01

Christian Horner hopes that Daniel Ricciardo will find his passion for F1 again at Red Bull Racing. In a role as a third driver, he will at least become very important for the Austrian racing stable in 2023.

After tasting in other kitchens for four years, Ricciardo will return to Red Bull Racing in 2023 somewhat disillusioned. The piggy bank is nicely filled, but the Australian will suddenly have to make do with a role on the sidelines in 2023 after McLaren bought out his contract. Horner hopes to rekindle Ricciardo's old passion.

Ricciardo's return

"We were surprised to see Daniel out on the open market. Having grown up with Red Bull and having nurtured him since being a junior, it made sense to bring him back into the fold. He is a driver with so much experience and such a high profile. I think Daniel had fallen out of love with Formula 1. He has had a couple of tough seasons, especially this year (2022)," the Red Bull team boss said to Speedcafe.

"He is one of the most recognisable faces in F1, so it made a lot of sense. I hope that in the process Daniel will rediscover his passion for Formula 1. We have no plans to use him other than the third driver role."

Whether Red Bull want it or not, indirectly Ricciardo's arrival will also put pressure on Sergio Perez. Although the Mexican has a contract until 2024, the first cracks in the relationship were already visible in 2022. If Perez is more likely to speak out negatively, Ricciardo's position within the team will only make the leadership choice easier.