Nine F1 records that could be broken in 2023

Nine F1 records that could be broken in 2023

04-01-2023 18:01

Several records were again broken during the 2022 Formula 1 season. For instance, Max Verstappen managed to take the most wins in a single season and Red Bull Racing took the most consecutive finishes in the top two. Several records could be broken again in 2023. 

1. Most world titles

The most talked-about record that could be broken in 2023 is the number of world titles held by a driver. After Mercedes' lacklustre performance last season, Lewis Hamilton failed to fight for his eighth world title. This coming year, the Brit will have another chance to set the record. Hamilton is on a par with Michael Schumacher with seven world titles, but who knows, maybe the Mercedes driver will manage to break the record in 2023?

2. Most victories in one Grand Prix

Hamilton has won at as many as 31 different circuits, but there are two Grands Prix where he excels. The Brit has eight wins to his name in Hungary and Britain, equal to Schumacher's record of eight wins in France. In 2022, Hamilton failed to win a single race, but the World Champion will hope his team can return stronger in 2023.

3. Most pole positions at one Grand Prix

Like most wins, Hamilton can also capture the record for most pole positions at one Grand Prix. The Mercedes driver currently shares this milestone with Schumacher and Ayrton Senna. The drivers each have eight pole positions to their name at one Grand Prix. Hamilton managed this in Australia and Hungary, races that are both back on the calendar in 2023.

4. Most podiums in one season

Verstappen managed to grab the record for most podium finishes in one season (18) in 2021. Last season, the Dutchman did not manage to match that number, as he finished on the podium seventeen times. Will Verstappen manage to break the record again in 2023, or will it perhaps be someone else?

5. Most wins in one season

Verstappen took the record for most wins in one season in 2022 with 15 victories. It was a handsome performance by the Red Bull driver, but who knows, it may be a short-lived benchmark. Ferrari and Mercedes are hoping to challenge Red Bull for the title next season, but who knows, this may only be the beginning of Verstappen's dominance.

6. Most races for first win/podium

Nico Hulkenberg returns to the F1 grid with the Haas team after a two-year absence (apart from a couple of substitutions). The German already has 184 Grand Prix entries and 181 race starts to his name. The record for most Grands Prix before the first win in F1 is currently held by Sergio Perez, who only managed his first win after 194 races. The chances seem very slim that Hulkenberg will manage to win a race with Haas in 2023, but crazier things have happened in Formula 1.

Hulkenberg currently holds the record for most F1 races without a podium finish. Should the German finally manage to finish in the top three next season, he will shoot up to first place in the list of most F1 races for the first podium finish. Carlos Sainz is currently the driver with the record to his name, 101 races before his first top-three finish.

7. Most points without a win

Unsurprisingly, Hulkenberg also holds the record for most points without a win, but there is one other driver on the 2023 grid who could potentially surpass this milestone. With 428 points so far, Lando Norris is second in the table, 93 points away from Hulkenberg's tally. Given that Norris managed to score over 122 points last season, there is certainly a chance that he could set the record in 2023.

8. Total number of races completed

With 281 races, Fernando Alonso has currently seen the finish line most often in Formula 1. However, Hamilton can break the Spaniard's record in 2023, as the seven-time World Champion has finished 280 races himself. Next season, the reliability of the Mercedes and Aston Martin will determine who tops the list at the end of the year.

9. Total number of hat tricks

A hattrick in Formula 1 means that a driver takes pole position, the fastest lap and victory at a Grand Prix. Michael Schumacher currently tops the list with 22 hat tricks. If Mercedes can come back stronger in 2023, Hamilton may have a chance to break the German's record. With 19 hat tricks, Hamilton still needs a couple of strong weekends.