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Comical: Turrini writes letters to Santa 'on behalf of the drivers'

Comical: Turrini writes letters to Santa 'on behalf of the drivers'

28-12-2022 12:26 Last update: 15:26

Christmas may be over, but journalist Leo Turrini had written a number of 'letters to Santa' on behalf of the drivers at Sky Sports Italia that are so memorable and comical that we should briefly mention them.


"Dear Santa, although almost everyone says that with Binotto's departure I have already got my Christmas present, you know very well that this is not true. Therefore, I ask you to give me a car whose engine does not break down every two or three races and a team with a wall that [does not] talk nonsense. Sincerely, Charles Leclerc."

This letter refers to the technical and strategic failures Ferrari experienced last year, to the detriment of the Monegasque. Also, Leclerc's relationship with Binotto deteriorated over the months but the problems at Ferrari are so big that it remains to be seen whether Binotto's departure and the arrival Frédéric Vasseur, the Italian team's new team boss, can actually fix them.


"Dear Santa, the only thing I am interested in is a number: 8. That means eight world titles. Were it not for Michael Masi, I would have been there by now and I would be ready for the test of 9. But, as things went a certain way in Abu Dhabi, see if you can help me conquer this absolute record. Sincerely, Lewis Hamilton."

This is a sneer at Masi's actions at the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Max Verstappen ran away with the world title after an epic battle until the very last corner - something that is still a sore item for many a Hamilton fan. Some think the Dutchman raced unfairly, others simply loved it. Whether Hamilton himself would use such words at all is debatable, but this take on Abu Dhabi 2021 is comical for sure.


"Dear Santa, I now get all the satisfaction I can get. The only thing I ask: make it so that Checo Perez stops asking me for favours, because I have no intention of doing him any favours. Yours, Max Verstappen."

Verstappen managed to draw the spotlight on himself at the Brazilian Grand Prix due to his conflict with Red Bull teammate Perez. The Dutchman was given team orders to let the Mexican pass so that he could still score points to beat Leclerc for second place in the drivers' championship. However, Verstappen did not comply, much to the frustration of Perez who pointed out that the world champion is now showing his true colours. Since the conflict has since been long talked out, references like Turrini's above put a smile on everyone's face.