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David Coulthard: 'Verstappen DNA like James Hunt'

David Coulthard: 'Verstappen DNA like James Hunt'

27-12-2022 12:02 Last update: 14:04

Max Verstappen is still young and has already had a very successful career. He has no plans to stop for now, but David Coulthard is, in the new Viaplay documentary Lion Unleashed 2 sceptical about the Dutchman's future.

Coulthard points out that the Verstappen DNA is similar to that of James Hunt: “A little bit more [...] than maybe Alain Prost, where I think that he could at a certain point go ‘actually you know what, I’m happy, I’m fulfilled,’ and go off and do something completely different.”

Life will tell what will happen

Whether the Dutch world champion's career path will actually turn out that way, is something Coulthard does not know. “One thing that I believe, the only thing maybe, I think I could advise to Max is: ‘You don’t know what you don’t know.’ And at twenty-five you don’t know what it is to be thirty years old. You don’t know where you are in your life journey.” Moral of the story: it is too early for Coulthard or Verstappen to draw any conclusions at all right now - you never know what life will bring you.

Max himself indicates both in the documentary and in other media that he does at least want to participate in other racing classes, such as endurance racing. But when this will happen is not yet known for him either.

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