Masi possible new CEO of Australian Grand Prix

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Masi possibly new CEO of Australian GP
23 December at 18:05
Last update 23 December at 18:23

Andrew Westacott, CEO of the Australian Grand Prix Commission, is stepping down as CEO and former F1 race director Michael Masi has been named by some as his replacement. However, the Australian would not yet comment on the rumour.

Masi back in F1?

That Masi does not want to comment on the rumour says nothing yet, but it is not inconceivable that Masi, with his experience in motorsport and Formula 1, could take over Westacott's role. Given Masi's latest news that he is stepping in as a board member at Karting Australia, a large-scale return to motorsport would not be out of the question.

That is what the usually well-informed Australian However, Masi would not comment to the medium. Masi's return after the infamous final 2021 race in Abu Dhabi, in which the then race director made questionable choices that may have had a direct effect on the denouement of the title fight between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen, would be complete with this move.

Masi's experience makes it not inconceivable

Masi was removed from his position by the FIA after 2021 and it was quiet around the Australian for a long time. Meanwhile, in addition to his job in karting, Masi is also working in motorsport as a member of the South Australian Motorsport Board after serving as chairman of the Supercars Commission.

With his experience, he could fill the gap left by Westacott at the Australian GP Commission just fine. The commission's main and best-known task is to organise the Australian Grand Prix. Given that Australia saw a record audience of 419,000 at this year's event and that the GP's contract with F1 runs until 2037, it is an interesting vacancy.