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Verstappen spoke to Ricciardo: 'It would have been better for Daniel'

Verstappen spoke to Ricciardo: 'It would have been better for Daniel'

18-12-2022 10:53 Last update: 11:18


Daniel Ricciardo will return next season to Red Bull Racing, where he was also racing until 2018. Max Verstappen is happy to have the Australian back in his team. According to the Dutchman, in hindsight it was regrettable that he left the formation, he told Formule1.nl.

Ricciardo had a good time at Red Bull for many years, but in 2019 he decided to make the switch to Renault. Two seasons later, he opted for an adventure at McLaren, where he ultimately did not pan out. The team therefore bid him farewell this calendar year.

Verstappen praises Ricciardo's qualities

Verstappen still sees many qualities in Ricciardo and is therefore disappointed that the experienced driver will not participate in Formula 1 races next race year. Although the two-time world champion feels Ricciardo should have stayed with Red Bull longer in the past, he also believes it is important to feel comfortable somewhere.

"In hindsight yes, you can't get around that," Verstappen stated when asked whether Ricciardo should have extended his period at Red Bull. "It would have been better for Daniel if he had stayed longer at Red Bull at the time. I did talk to him about it. It's also about making yourself feel comfortable somewhere."