'Porsche and Honda drop out for Red Bull Powertrains, two more options'


Red Bull Powertrains hopes for Ford or Alfa Romeo
18 December at 08:26
Last update 18 December at 11:09
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Red Bull Racing is still working hard behind the scenes to bring about a new partnership with a car manufacturer. So writes Formula One journalist Joe Saward in his blog. Ford and Alfa Romeo are said to be the main ones in the race.

Engine division Red Bull Powertrains would still be open to a car manufacturer's entry, but under important conditions. Namely, it wants to build the powerplant entirely in-house, while the manufacturer commits to the name only. The biggest opportunity would therefore be for the company offering the highest amount of money and the least hassle.

Porsche and Honda have reportedly definitely dropped out. The former wanted full control of the process surrounding the engine, which did not suit Red Bull's strategy. Instead, the Japanese wanted to train their engineers and gain new technology, which Christian Horner's team also did not agree to.

According to Saward, while Honda and Red Bull still have a marriage of convenience, the carmaker must choose a path. Honda would have three options: meet Red Bull's demands, commit to a rival Formula 1 team or leave the motorsport class permanently.

Ongoing talks at Red Bull

Ford and Alfa Romeo would therefore be the remaining options. Red Bull is reportedly already in talks with Ford. The manufacturer itself does not want to comment on the situation for now, but has not denied the possible collaboration. In the coming period, it will therefore have to wait and see who Red Bull will team up with.