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Ricciardo on rumours: 'Racing seat for 2024 is not in my contract'

Ricciardo on rumours: 'Racing seat for 2024 is not in my contract'

30-11-2022 20:19 Last update: 23:01

In the new Beyond the Grid podcast at length about his new role at Red Bull Racing, but is also honest about the fact that he is not yet sure if he will ever return to the grid. The eight-time race winner does not want to make emotional decisions and is therefore taking a step back next year to reflect on his future after a disappointing time at McLaren.

Ricciardo will be Red Bull's test driver next season, but the exact details are not yet entirely clear. What is clear, however, is that he is in control of where and when he is involved. He himself explains more about his role: "I will be involved, so if I want to be present at meetings I can, or if I want to be in the simulator I can. But it's more of a marketing role for now, rather than an additional driver role. It will be a mix between duties of a driver, so for example on the simulator, but they also see how I can do my bit in marketing."


The Perth-based driver does not yet know whether he will return as a driver in Formula 1 in the future. There was a lot of emotion in Abu Dhabi, for instance, but he does not believe it is his last race. He has therefore instead chosen to step back next year to give himself proper consideration and not make an emotional decision. "But I also feel relief and a bit of sadness," Ricciardo said.

Since the Australian's new appointment at Red Bull Racing, necessary rumours have circulated that there would be a possibility of Ricciardo replacing Sergio Pérez in his time. Ricciardo himself now states that that chance is not high. "A race seat for 2024 is not in my contract, but with time I will also get the answer as to whether I want to be back on the grid myself. Right now I don't feel ready, but it's my decision."

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