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Schumacher didn't see Latifi on collision: 'You can't see much in this car'

Schumacher didn't see Latifi on collision: 'You can't see much in this car'

22-11-2022 10:48 Last update: 13:07


Mick Schumacher claims he did not see Nicholas Latifi when they clashed at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Speaking to GPBlog among others the German says it was very difficult for him to see the Williams because of how the car is put together.

For Schumacher, his last race at Haas - and possibly his last Formula 1 race ever - was not a resounding success. He finished the race in 16th place, with Alexander Albon the only other remaining driver behind him. In addition, Schumacher also received a five-second time penalty as a result of a collision with Latifi.

'You just don't see that much in these cars'

The two collided when Schumacher tried to overtake Latifi via the inside bend. In doing so, he hit the rear of the Williams car, causing both drivers to spin around and fly off the track. Although they were both able to continue driving, Latifi did sustain some damage and eventually had to park the car. Schumacher was blamed.

"In these cars you just don't see that much," Schumacher explained. "The tyres are incredibly high, the steering wheel is right in your face. He went wide in the corner and came back in a way I didn't expect. I simply didn't see him."

Schumacher himself also acknowledged that he did not end his time at Haas on a high. Where the German will go next is not yet known. There appear to be talks with Mercedes to possibly join the German racing stable as a reserve driver but nothing concrete has come out of that yet. It is also possible that Schumacher will seek another racing class, although he himself seems somewhat reluctant to leave Formula 1.

Editor-in-chief Tim Kraaij reported from Abu Dhabi for this article.

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