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Wolff plans to miss races in 2024 amid full F1 calendar

Wolff plans to miss races in 2024 amid full F1 calendar

03-10-2022 21:20 Last update: 03-10-2022 21:20


Next weekend, the Formula 1 circus will once again descend on Japan, and currently there is a lot going on about the issue surrounding the budget ceiling. In an interview with the news agency PA News Toto Wolff explains that his intention was not to travel to Suzuka because of the budget ceiling and the busy schedule during a season will take too much of a toll.

However, depending on the FIA 's verdict on the budget cap expected on Wednesday, he may still change his plans and be in Japan after all. But looking ahead to next year's record-breaking calendar, Wolff said:"I will start to skip a few races. The whole team needs to look at it." The Austrian calls it unsustainable for anyone to be present for 24 races. "The drivers have to, but we start on Monday in the office and go through until the end of the week."

Remotely at the briefing

Wolff intends to find a solution, and thinks every race team will skip a few races each season to survive. Therefore, the team boss is not worried that he will be missed and his duties will come to an end. "There are a few individuals that can take over some of my tasks. Not physically being at the race meeting doesn’t mean that I am not at the race." For example, Mercedes has a full intercom system at their disposal with a race support room in the factory that allows him to be part of any debriefing remotely.

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