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Alonso on superior Verstappen and Red Bull: 'Ferrari equal or better'

Alonso on superior Verstappen and Red Bull: 'Ferrari equal or better'

29 September - 14:29 Last update: 17:34


Fernando Alonso has watched Max Verstappen's performances this season with admiration. While he did not compete in the title race himself, he could watch Verstappen's results from a distance. Speaking to Spanish AS he sums up the situation.

Should Verstappen already manage to clinch the world title this coming weekend, he still has five race weekends to go in which little will be at stake for him. According to Alonso, it is incredible that the Dutchman manages to deal with the competition so easily.

"Ferrari has a very fast car, but Red Bull and Max were impressive. There was no fight because Red Bull and Max were superior, but they didn't have that superior car. The Ferrari is equal or better," Alonso summed up.

World title awarded to Verstappen and Red Bull

Alonso had hoped for more excitement in the championship, but stressed that Verstappen and Red Bull Racing mainly put up something great themselves. "They fully deserve it. They were the best team and the best driver. When they win is not important: they will win. Here or in Japan."

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