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Hamilton does not value possible record: 'Of zero importance to me'

Hamilton does not value possible record: 'Of zero importance to me'

25-09-2022 11:36 Last update: 13:22


Lewis Hamilton has taken a win every season in Formula 1 since 2007. This successful run could well come to an end, as with six races to go, he has yet to finish first on any occasion. For the British driver, however, this does not matter.

"It is of zero importance to me," the seven-time world champion told Motorsport.com. "I'm grateful that each year we have had, since 2007, an opportunity to win",  Hamilton continued. Despite the W13's lesser performance, the driver is still confident of a possible victory.

Goal to fight for the lead

Hamilton explained that it is a very big goal for his team to get back to the front and fight for the lead. Hamilton has a chance to beat Michael Schumacher for the record of most consecutive seasons with a win. The German is currently on 15, putting him on a par with the other seven-time world champion. Yet that is not something that concerns Hamilton very much.

He therefore says he is not focused on the record, but is definitely trying to get another win this year. The Briton explains that the record is not important to him because he does not really care about records in general. Time will tell, whether Hamilton will remain on a par with Schumacher just like the record number of world championships.

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