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BMW rules out return to F1: 'No guarantee of success'

BMW rules out return to F1: 'No guarantee of success'

24-09-2022 15:28


The participation of Audi and Porsche have now been announced. But BMW has announced it is ruling out a return to the sport. The brand had its own Formula 1 team from 2006 to 2009, but prefers to focus on other projects.

BMW has been linked with a return to the sport, which they left in 2009 after collaborations with Williams and Sauber, among others. The new engine regulations that will apply from 2026 should make it more interesting for manufacturers to enter Formula 1. With a cheaper and less complex engine, the step towards participation should be smaller than before. Andreas Roos, the successor to Aston Martin team boss Mike Krack as head of BMW Motorsport explains why the brand is not interested in entering Formula 1.


"We are definitely not interested at the moment," Roos succinctly told Autosport. The BMW manager also points to the cost issue, saying that a very high investment has to be made in Formula 1 and you would have to be successful for a very long time to recoup that. Should a manufacturer commit to the sport, it has to be for the long term and there is no guarantee of success. They are therefore happy with the large number of motorsport projects they are currently working on. The BMW chief says their eyes are on long-distance racing with the upcoming LMDh programme.

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