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Leclerc: 'In anyone's life there are barriers'

Leclerc: 'In anyone's life there are barriers'

23 September - 14:47 Last update: 17:00


At 24 years old,Charles Leclerc is expected to have a long career ahead of him. While the Monegasque is still ahead of Max Verstappen this season, he is determined to still win the world title in the coming years.

Leclerc and Verstappen know each other pretty well. Indeed, both men have a past in karting, where they had several battles on track at the time. Although Verstappen was with a top team in Formula 1 at a young age, Leclerc also has several years of experience under his belt.

In 2019, he made the switch to Ferrari where he joined a team with Sebastian Vettel. The first seasons at the Italian racetrack were quite difficult for him, but this calendar year he has got the hang of it. However, Leclerc could not prevent the gap with Verstappen from widening considerably.

Leclerc focuses on longer term

However, the Ferrari driver is trying to look beyond the current season and let it be known in the Muschio Selvaggio Podcast that he will not be distract. "My philosophy is to keep working towards my goals. In anyone's life there are barriers and you have to work to overcome them," said Leclerc, who revealed in the same interview that he has the best bond on the grid with Pierre Gasly.

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