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Russell sees strength of Hamilton: 'There he is very strong'

Russell sees strength of Hamilton: 'There he is very strong'

22-09-2022 07:03 Last update: 08:31


George Russell is enjoying racing alongside Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes. The young Brit explains what makes the seven-time world champion so good and why it is nice to have him as a teammate.

Russell is in his first season for Mercedes and is not doing so without merit. He is fourth in the world championship and scored 35 points more than his teammate. That was not the expectation prior to the season with a seven-time world champion as a teammate, while Russell was coming from Williams.

Learning from Hamilton

Nevertheless, according to Express praising his compatriot. ''I feel so fortunate being team-mates with Lewis because it has given me such an opportunity to see his strengths and where I can learn from him.'' The Briton argues that Hamilton has some great weapons, including in low-speed corners and braking.

''There is no doubt that I have probably widened that envelope of my driving skills by being his team-mate,'' said the 24-year-old driver. Russell has some work to do, especially on Saturday. Indeed, there he is behind 9-7 in the qualifying duel, losing an average of 0.035s per qualifying session. If he wants to take the lead within the German team, he will have to get stronger in that area too.

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