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Hill: 'For me there was never any other result possible than Verstappen'

Hill: 'For me there was never any other result possible than Verstappen'

20-09-2022 13:54 Last update: 15:52


Damon Hill sees Ferrari once again tripping over themselves in the past three Grands Prix, while Max Verstappen is winning everything there is to win. He also praises the work of Red Bull Racing who, despite a rule change at Spa-Francorchamps, have been able to increase their lead in the championship.

No win from Ferrari

At the start of the summer break, Mattia Binotto said there was no reason why Ferrari could not win all the remaining races in 2022. Hill now knows how to respond to that: "There is, there clearly is. It's Ferrari, Max and it's Red Bull," said the 1996 world champion in the F1 Nation Podcast. "And remember they raised the ride heigh of the cars at Spa and everyone was saying: 'that’s going to hurt the Red Bull more than any other car', yet they managed to extend."

Despite Ferrari regularly qualifying strongly, Hill saw no possibilities other than a win for Verstappen in every race after the summer break. "Actually all along to me there was never going to be a different result than Max Verstappen and Red Bull," he said.

Verstappen on his way to the title

Verstappen is fast on his way to winning his second world title. The Dutchman has a 116-point lead and could therefore win as early as Singapore. "He’s not taking chances. He doesn’t need to anymore. He’s got it all under control, hasn’t he?" Hill concluded.