Hill imagines and composes most ideal F1 circuit

Hill imagines and composes most ideal F1 circuit

13 August - 17:07 Last update: 21:17


Damon Hill is the special guest in the latest F1 Nation podcast. In the podcast, listeners get the chance to ask the world champion questions. The Sky Sports analyst was asked about his most ideal circuit.

The current Formula 1 calendar counts 23 races and thus many circuits pass by, each with their own charm and characteristics. There is beautiful Spa which is located in the Belgian Ardennes, but also the Red Bull Ring which is surrounded by high mountains. Since this season, the street circuit of Miami has been added to the calendar and Monaco has been part of the calendar for a long time due to the history of the principality. There is obviously no lack of variation during a Formula 1 season.

Hill is asked by a listening fan about his ideal circuit. "It would have to go out into the country go through the mountains come back to the city go through an inner city section and stadium section a bit like they have in Mexico which is absolutely stunning, the baseball section, and be easy to get to as well."

'Tracks off computer is a mistake'

The Brit loves those circuits where a Formula One car can 'stretch its legs'. "When we get to the tighter twisty tracks I feel sometimes they are a little bit clumsy. The cars are not designed to go at such slow speeds, But I like the variety, the season is about different tracks, different challenges." Hill concludes: "It shoudln’t all be the same and that’s the fatal mistake. It’s to make tracks off a computer, you’ve got to use the terrarian."

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