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Verstappen slams possible F1 plans: For me, it’s insane

Verstappen slams possible F1 plans: "For me, it’s insane"

15-07-2022 14:21 Last update: 17:57

The storm has died down a little, but for a number of Grands Prix the possible introduction of a salary cap was the hottest topic of conversation in the premier class of motor sport. Formula 1 is currently investigating the possibility of introducing an upper limit for drivers and the three highest paid team members. Max Verstappen completely disagrees.

Verstappen has previously stated his opposition to a salary cap and Red Bull Racing is also unhappy with the future plans. Christian Horner, for example, said he did not see how this could work in Formula 1. Verstappen's manager Raymond Vermeulen even called it 'total idiocy' at the end of May.

Motorsport less interesting for sponsors

Verstappen has not changed his mind yet. “For me, it’s insane. It’s not only hurting us in F1, but nowadays drivers are either backed by an F1 team or by personal sponsors, who are investing in these young drivers’ careers. They almost always expect a return or at least a percentage of their future income," the reigning world champion told LADBibleTV.

The road to Formula 1 is expensive and so talents depend on sponsorship. "But if you start to cap their future income, they are not [going to be] that interested in supporting them throughout all the categories. And nowadays it is so expensive going through all the categories to get to Formula 1. It will hurt a lot of the lower categories," Verstappen predicts.

Moreover, the 24-year-old Dutchman does not understand why this should be discussed right now. Business-wise, Formula 1 is doing better than ever, thanks in part to the success of the Netflix documentary Drive to Survive. "The sport now, in general, is booming. Everyone is now making a lot more money, including of course the organisation, the teams. Everybody is becoming profitable and then suddenly the drivers, who actually make the show and risk their lives, are capped. For me, that just makes no sense.”

Perez agrees with Verstappen

Teammate Sergio Perez is also present at the show and cannot help but agree with Verstappen. "The drivers are ones who are risking their lives out there, putting the show together. The sport is at its best. Everyone is making the most money ever, so why should you cut the drivers? I don’t think that’s correct," the Mexican said.

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