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Perez has built confidence at Red Bull: 'That has helped me a lot'

Perez has built confidence at Red Bull: 'That has helped me a lot'

30 June - 16:26 Last update: 17:28


Sergio Perez is becoming increasingly comfortable with the Red Bull Racing team. After a year and a half, the Mexican has been able to get used to the car and the team around him and it shows.

"It always helps to stay longer with a team, then things go better. You have more confidence in the team, you become familiar with the team's procedures and you know how the team works, how they think about strategy and how they see the bigger picture", Perez says during the press conference.

The Mexican is currently second in the drivers' championship and is therefore fully in the title race. However, Perez has already been given team orders by Red Bull this season to stay ahead of teammate Max Verstappen. Nevertheless, the driver impressed with his first pole position in the sport and a win in Monaco.

Perez feels good

"That is important as a team and that has helped me a lot. With the development direction of the car, the setup of my car and what I do", Perez adds. The Red Bull driver is hoping for a positive result at Silverstone after the 2021 drama.

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