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Norris expresses: 'Are you spending your only life on earth on this?'

Norris expresses: 'Are you spending your only life on earth on this?'

30 June - 08:04 Last update: 09:37


Lando Norris has once again spoken out about the hate that is being spread online. The young Briton can't get his head around the fact that so many people spend their time online harassing other people.

Criticism of Norris' girlfriend

At 22, Norris is still a youngster in Formula 1 and truly a driver of the new generation. He is frequently seen on social platforms and shares a lot with his followers. He already did this as a Formula 2 driver and has carried on to F1. However, there is also a downside to so much social media.

Norris receives a lot of hate reactions online, especially from his Portuguese girlfriend. Luisinha Oliveira suddenly got a lot more attention when it was announced that she is Lando's new girlfriend and the Brit was shocked by the reactions he read. ''It is pretty horrific,'' Norris said to The Sun.

Haters waste their lives

Norris is trying to protect his girlfriend, but he can't do anything about all the "trolls" on the internet on his own. The McLaren driver reports people he sees crossing the line, but that's not enough.

''What I find the funniest in a way is people are actually spending their one life on Earth just sat behind a computer trying to ruin and bully someone. When people are creating fake pages and fake chats, and fake WhatsApp messages, then I am like, ‘You’re actually spending your life doing that?’. They’re wasting their life. I just find it hilarious that’s what they choose to do with their lives,'" Norris said.

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