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Verstappen is happy: It's not always the same with other teams
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Verstappen is happy: "It's not always the same with other teams"

29 June - 20:11 Last update: 20:40


It is no secret that Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez get on well together. The Red Bull Racing drivers stress the importance of mutual respect, but also of the environment in which they work.

"It's all about respect. If you respect each other you can admit to your teammate that he did better a better job for example," says the Dutchman on the Pardon My Take-podcast. According to Verstappen, it's not only important to respect each other, but also not to take certain team decisions personally.

Verstappen and Perez happy with each other

A good collaboration between two teammates like at Red Bull is not a given, the championship leader stressed. "It's not always the same with other teams, but it's very important to find that relationship together to make the car faster. You have to work together, because at the end of the day you both profit from it."

Verstappen and Perez agree that good cooperation comes about through the efforts of the drivers, but that the team also plays an important role in this. To create a respectful bond between two drivers also requires an environment that encourages such a bond, and according to the Red Bull Racing drivers, this is certainly the case with their employer.

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