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Horner remembers: That was a massive mindset reset

Horner remembers: "That was a massive mindset reset"

29 June - 06:55 Last update: 08:16


Christian Horner and Red Bull Racing are fighting for the world title again this season. This time, however, Mercedes is not the competitor, but the Austrian racing team has to reckon with Ferrari. According to him, the Italians have a big advantage.

Since Horner's arrival, the team boss, together with Adrian Newey, has been able to shape the racing team more and more to his liking. With the arrival of Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull then managed to take the next step and win the world title four times in a row. In it, Horner experienced what it is like to be in the role that Ferrari has this season.

"It's easier to be the hunter because you've got nothing to lose and you're throwing everything at it than being the actual hunted," he noted on Cambridge Union's YouTube channel. "When we went through the winning period of 2010 onwards with Vettel it almost became the fear of failure that drove you forward. People get used to winning."

Horner saw change in mentality at Red Bull

No team managed to beat Red Bull until 2014, but with the rulebook changes, the formation fell way behind. For years, Horner was unable to build a championship-worthy car with his team, which meant they had to settle for a mid-table position.

Horner remembers well that this was not an easy period for the people working on the team. As they were used to fighting with the top teams, they had to mentally get used to the situation. "That was a massive mindset reset," is how Horner sums it up.

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