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‘Vettel becomes a politician because he doesn't win'

‘Vettel becomes a politician because he doesn't win'

26 June - 07:36 Last update: 10:52


Bernie Ecclestone thinks Sebastian Vettel's activist statements are making the German less focused on the Formula One grid. The 91-year-old Briton appreciates Vettel's stance, but thinks the German should make a choice between his Formula One career and becoming a politician.

The four-time world champion is tirelessly committed to protecting the environment and wore a protest shirt in Canada. He was told by a Canadian minister that it is hypocritical to speak out against the environment while pursuing a career in motorsport. Ecclestone does not want to go that far, but acknowledges that the activist stance would distract the 34-year-old too much and is concerned that he has not won any races with Aston Martin so far.

Not to be combined

According to the former owner of Formula 1, Vettel should not combine activism with Formula 1. Ecclestone expresses in a conversation with RTL/ntv his great concerns about Vettel."He has less concentration than before. When he first started winning races, he had little idea what was going on in the world and was unable to realise what was going on in the world," the 91-year-old Briton began.

While Ecclestone appreciates the German's attitude, he feels Formula One is incompatible with it."He is now thinking about the future of the world. I believe he is right, but I don't believe he should use his position as a driver as justification," he continued.

Concentrate fully on F1

Ecclestone therefore hopes that the former Vettel will return."I would like to see him in another car and hope that he can then compete with Max Verstappen. That would also be advantageous for him," he expressed his thoughts. At the moment Aston Martin is unable to supply him with a car that would allow him to compete in the world championship. Ecclestone does not believe Vettel will quit:"He should concentrate fully on Formula 1. It depends on whether he wants to become a politician or remain a Formula One driver," he concluded.

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