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Coulthard has harsh message for Hamilton: 'Plenty of candidates'

Coulthard has harsh message for Hamilton: 'Plenty of candidates'

22 June - 19:00 Last update: 21:38


Despite the fact that Mercedes suffered significantly less from porpoising in Canada than before, Lewis Hamilton still believes that Formula 1 should do more to eliminate the problem. This attitude has been strongly criticised by David Coulthard, who feels that drivers who complain about porpoising might be better off going home.

Hamilton continues to complain about the bouncing that Mercedes still suffers and is supported in this by George Russell and Toto Wolff. As far as Coulthard is concerned, there is a simple solution: those who do not feel comfortable in the current Formula 1 cars can make the choice to step aside.

Coulthard has a harsh message for Hamilton

"There's a whole bunch of guys and girls that would very happily step into your car if you feel uncomfortable", says the Scot according to Express. He stresses that drivers need to realise that sport is not about comfort. After all, a boxer also has to accept being punched in the face and a footballer knows he has to take kicks to the shin.

"My girlfriend used to play for the Swedish national team, and she's got marks on her legs because as a captain, as a striker, she was getting taken out of matches," the former F1 driver continued. "I think we have to keep a bit of perspective that this is where certain teams are," he added. He, therefore, thinks that one has to keep putting into perspective that this is where certain teams are and that they have to deal with it themselves.

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