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Wolff sees advantage for Verstappen: 'It's easy for him now'

Wolff sees advantage for Verstappen: 'It's easy for him now'

18 May - 06:37 Last update: 09:10


Toto Wolff believes that things will be a lot easier for Max Verstappen in 2022 than in 2021. Whereas last year he had to fight with an inferior car, the Mercedes team boss sees that the Dutchman now has the momentum on his side.

After winning his world title in 2021, Verstappen can now really start enjoying F1. The Dutchman signed a contract through to 2028 and in 2022 he will immediately have a car with which he can compete for the world title again. The last two races were won by the Red Bull driver, who now seems to have the momentum on his side.

Easier for Verstappen

This is also apparent to Wolff, who as Mercedes team boss in 2021 was still Verstappen's big rival. Wolff and Mercedes, however, are at a big disadvantage in 2022. ''Last year Max drove a worse car with the knife between his teeth and won the world title. Now he has the fastest car and everything is easier for him. The momentum is in his favour now,'' Wolff told oe24.at.

The Austrian is mainly focusing on Mercedes' underwhelming performance. The silver W13 is a lot slower than the cars of Ferrari and Red Bull Racing, which has already increased the gap in the championship considerably. Whether that damage can still be repaired remains to be seen. The advantage for Mercedes: there are still eighteen races to go.

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