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Mercedes openly enjoys Red Bull Racing drama: You love to see it

Mercedes openly enjoys Red Bull Racing drama: "You love to see it"

20-03-2022 21:14 Last update: 23:27


The 2022 Formula 1 season has begun, and with it the psychological warfare between the top teams. For now, it is mainly between the title contenders of last year. Mercedes was not able to challenge for victory in Bahrain, but did not miss the opportunity to strike out at Red Bull Racing after its double retirement.

Mercedes openly enjoys drama at Red Bull

At the moment that Sergio Perez crashed out with the same technical problems as Max Verstappen, a rather vicious tweet appeared on Mercedes' social media: "You love to see it," the message reads.

Perhaps Mercedes' somewhat nippy tweet was intended as a response to Verstappen's statement, in which he sarcastically stated that he thought it was "very disappointing" that Mercedes was behind. However, that response came as a response to David Coulthard's question, and unlike Mercedes' tweet, was not an isolated comment.

Whether or not Mercedes is a candidate for victories, the German racing stable has at least shown that it is only too happy to get involved in the mental games played at the top.

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