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'Before Verstappen is 28, he could be halfway to Hamilton's record'

'Before Verstappen is 28, he could be halfway to Hamilton's record'

15-03-2022 20:14 Last update: 16-03-2022 08:17


With his first world title and a mega deal at Red Bull Racing in his pocket, Max Verstappen will start the new season full of confidence. In 2022 the Dutchman will do everything to defend his title. According to Damon Hill, Verstappen might have a very bright future at Red Bull.

"I’d be feeling pretty relaxed if I’d just signed a five-year deal worth forty million a year. It must help that you got one in the bag. You can now carry on with what world champions do, nothing is ever going to change that", Hill begins in the F1 Nation podcast.

The new contract between Verstappen and Red Bull runs until 2028. Never before has an F1 driver signed such a long contract within the sport, so it shows how great the confidence is on both sides. With the introduction of the new regulations, the question remains whether Red Bull will be able to compete for the world title again in the coming seasons. Hill outlines a successful future for Verstappen, however.

Verstappen embarks on long career at Red Bull

"Let’s say Red Bull have got it right, that run of success like they did with Sebastian Vettel, Max' got one world championship, let’s say he wins another three. He’s halfway before he’s 28 to equalling potentially Lewis Hamilton and Michael Schumacher, or if Lewis gets his eighth. He’s on track for this ridiculously long career, winning many world championships."

Whether Verstappen can actually live up to this remains to be seen, but the RB18 impressed during the test days in Barcelona and Bahrain. According to Helmut Marko, the team is on par with Ferrari. Indeed, the Italian team also looks strong and is named by many as the big favorite.