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F1 technical boss observes: 'Rule changes succesfull'

F1 technical boss observes: 'Rule changes succesfull'

13 March - 13:46 Last update: 13 March - 13:46


The season has yet to really start, but the first signs are positive. The new generation of Formula 1 cars is a feast for the eyes and seems to be able to do as what was once conceived at the drawing board: drive more closely together, making overtaking easier.


Max Verstappen was one of the drivers who deliberately drove very close to a car in front, to experience what effect this had on his car. From the paddock Pat Symonds, F1's technical director, watched it with satisfaction. According to him it is already possible to say that the rule changes have been successful and it is indeed better tracking, he let us know to Soy engine.

The Briton, who worked at Benneton and Renault in the past, has been listening carefully to the drivers' experiences in recent days. "Everyone who had tried it said it was much easier to follow. Albon was the one who gave me the most interesting answer: 'I had to reprogram myself. I couldn't imagine following the car in front so closely without problems'."


Symonds is undoubtedly also looking forward with great interest to the first Grand Prix, next week in Bahrain. Only then will it really become clear whether chasing and overtaking are running as smoothly as during the tests.

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