Competition for the Middle East? We are in talks with F1

Competition for the Middle East? "We are in talks with F1"

01-03-2022 15:22 Last update: 16:58

There are an awful lot of circuits that could replace the Russian Grand Prix on paper, but judging by the rumour mill, it looks like it will be a battle between Portimão and a circuit in the Middle East.

The usually very well-informed De Telegraaf reported on Tuesday afternoon that Formula 1 is likely to travel to the Middle East, but Paulo Pinheiro hopes to put a stop to that with Portimão.

Portimão in talks

The circuit director tells the Correio da Manha that talks are being held with the pinnacle of motorsport. "We are in talks with the organization of F1 to organize the replacement race," he said. According to Pinheiro, ultimately "logistical issues" are going to be the deciding factor.

A week after the weekend in which the Russian GP was to take place (September 23-25), the race is already being held at Singapore. To get all the cargo from Portugal to Singapore within just over half a week is going to be very difficult. To advance the Grand Prix one week to 16-18 September does not seem an option because then we would have four GP's in a row.

Still more candidates?

Surprisingly the Portuguese newspaper names Germany and Turkey as places where the Portuguese Grand Prix competes.

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