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Team-Verstappen gives up during virtual 24 hours of Daytona

Team-Verstappen gives up during virtual 24 hours of Daytona

23 January - 08:23 Last update: 10:12


For the second time in a row Max Verstappen failed to finish a virtual 24-hour race. Where it went wrong last weekend at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, he and his team also failed to reach the finish line at the 24 Hours of Daytona.

Team Redline Orange, as Verstappen's team is called, got off to an excellent start and captured second place. It was right behind Team Redline Red, but suddenly things went wrong for the team. Teammate Chris Lulham suffered a major power outage, causing them to lose many places.

Gianni Vecchio got behind the wheel at lightning speed to take over the race, only he could not prevent Team Redline Orange from falling back to P19.

Verstappen was not in action

It is unknown why Team Redline Orange finally decided to pull the plug on the race, but there is a chance that it was once again affected by a power failure. Remarkably, Verstappen was again not given the opportunity to participate in the race. Indeed, just before he was about to take the wheel, the team decided to go public that they were stopping.

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