'These qualities show that Verstappen is also much like Prost'

20-01-2022 08:10 | Updated: 20-01-2022 14:06
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'These qualities show that Verstappen is also much like Prost'

Max Verstappen is often compared to Ayrton Senna, but in his column for The Race Edd Straw writes mainly about the comparisons between Alain Prost and Verstappen that are often forgotten.

Verstappen looks like Prost

Verstappen has been impressing in Formula 1 since 2015 with his aggressive driving style. The Dutchman doesn't seem afraid of anything and is very hard to beat in wheel-to-wheel battles. Because of this, the comparison with Senna is often made, but Straw explains in his column that the Dutchman also has many similarities with Prost.

According to Straw, you could already see this in his Toro Rosso years, where, like Prost, he was very meticulous. He already learned a lot about Pirelli's tires at Toro Rosso, which he was able to make good use of during his debut for Red Bull Racing in Barcelona. Prost was the same way. The same can be said of Max's results in 2021, with finishes only in the top two, except after damage in Hungary and in crashes.

Lessons from Hamilton

The Formula One expert argues that you can also make the same comparison with Lewis Hamilton. The Briton too was compared a lot to Senna in the beginning of his career, but over the years became more experienced and honed like Prost. The question is whether Verstappen could go through such a similar trajectory.

According to Straw, the biggest area for improvement in that area lies with Max's choices in duels. Straw emphasizes that Verstappen was not wrong in England, but he did lose a lot of points there. Prost was, and Hamilton is, excellent at judging whether something is worth taking a risk on. Verstappen has been able to learn from that this year and the British journalist is very curious to see what a Verstappen at the peak of his ability will look like.

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