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Vettel enjoys in Formula 1: 'Fighting with him is special'

Vettel enjoys in Formula 1: 'Fighting with him is special'

17 January - 17:28 Last update: 17:52


Sebastian Vettel experienced a reasonable first season at Aston Martin. The German finished twelfth in the world championship, but had secretly hoped for more beforehand. Throughout the season, however, there were plenty of moments for Vettel to enjoy.

For example, in 2021 he drove together again on the track with Fernando Alonso. Since both drivers have been in the motorsport class for years, they know each other like no other. Where they used to fight together for the world title, it was different last season. For Vettel, it was nevertheless nice to see the Spaniard on the grid again, as he told in an interview with Formule1.co.uk.

"Fighting with Fernando is special," Vettel stressed. "It had been a while since we fought each other and that brought back the great memories. The last time we had a fight was when we were competing for the championship. It was fun, but of course, our goal is to be more upfront."

Aston Martin wants to win world title

Vettel hopes to continue to grow with Aston Martin in the coming years. The British racing stable has expressed its ambition to fight for the world title within five years with Mike Krack as the new team boss. The next few years will show whether this turns out to be feasible.

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