Red Bull shares teaser of new RB18 of Verstappen and Perez

14-01-2022 15:19 | Updated: 14-01-2022 15:24
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Red Bull shares teaser of new RB18 of Verstappen and Perez

Slowly the teams are preparing for the launches of the 2022 cars. Aston Martin previously announced the launch date, but Red Bull is also preparing in advance.

The team has not yet revealed an official date, but fans can be part of a special event. In fact, fans can livestream the launch of the RB18 through their own social channels.

The live stream can be personalized by choosing a language, the driver who will introduce the show and the team leader who will say something. What it will entail exactly is still a bit vague, but fans can sign up for the competition via this link. The team will select a number of people to participate in the launch.

First images

Normally, the cars are announced around February. Aston Martin will do so on February 10. The new car of Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez is also expected to be unveiled around this time. Below is the first teaser of the new car. It's only a digital image, but the new rear wing is clearly visible. 

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