Perez compares Formula 1: 'I think they share that'

09-01-2022 08:23 | Updated: 09-01-2022 11:32
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Perez compares Formula 1: 'I think they share that'

Sergio Perez has had a grueling season at Red Bull Racing. The Mexican had to compete with Max Verstappen and barely succeeded. However, it did not cause him to lose the joy of his work.

It is the dream of many children to be a Formula 1 driver. Perez realised that all too well. Where he did not always have a successful season in his career, he gave himself the task to continue to enjoy the sport he loves. He explained this on the podcast of sponsor Tag Heuer, The Edge.

The Mexican especially enjoys the excitement he feels in his body before a race. "I think [being a lawyer or banker ] shares the adrenaline that we live every day in our lives as pilots," Perez stated in the interview. "I really like the life that is related to sport, you know, living and thinking how you can do better, how you can be better. That’s something I really like."

Perez faces exciting season

Perez had a mixed season at Red Bull, but he will have another chance in 2022. The Austrian racing stable will keep a close eye on his performance in the first months of the season, so that in the summer it can make the decision for next calendar year.

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