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F1 calendar with thirty races? Domenicali says it can be 'easily' done

F1 calendar with thirty races? Domenicali says it can be 'easily' done

6 January - 14:27 Last update: 16:48


This year's Formula One season will host a record number of races. The calendar consists of 23 destinations. According to CEO Stefano Domenicali, that number could easily rise toward thirty races.

Not everyone is equally happy with the full calendar. Several drivers and team bosses have already expressed that the exhausting schedule is demanding a lot from the teams. Last season there were several triple headers that were extra tough on the workers. Miami is the new addition next season, but Saudi Arabia is also back on the calendar. More new venues are expected on the calendar in the future.

The regulations describe a limit of 25 races per season. According to Domenicali, it is not practical to keep adding more races, so a rotation system will probably be used in the future. The high level of interest has come from the rising popularity of the sport.

Many circuits seeking a deal

Without the rules, the calendar could become much bigger, but Domenicali thinks the rules are right. “I think that with no doubt, there could be easily over thirty venues that we could do [a deal with] tomorrow, but we cannot go in this direction", he tells The Race.

"It's a good problem to have. It’s something that we are now understanding as to what is the best grands prix that we want to keep in a stable base, or we may think for certain places where there could be a rotation." The CEO is excited about the recent additions to the F1 calendar, including Zandvoort. He believes it is important to have several circuits on the calendar, each with different characteristics.

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