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Hamilton unfollows everyone on Instagram

Hamilton unfollows everyone on Instagram

25-12-2021 08:22 Last update: 10:09


Lewis Hamilton still doesn't seem to be able to come to terms with the fact that he didn't win his eighth world title in 2021. The Brit doesn't need to hear or see anything more about his loss in Abu Dhabi and is demonstratively unfollowing everyone on Instagram.

Hamilton unfollows everyone demonstratively

Max Verstappen took his first title in Abu Dhabi at the expense of Hamilton's eighth. Mercedes immediately challenged the decision of the race committee in the Middle East, which brought the team much criticism and accusations of being bad losers. The Mercedes driver unfollowed F1's Instagram account earlier this week to make a statement. Now he is going a lot further by unfollowing everyone on the social media platform.

For several days now he has stopped posting photos and messages on Instagram. This is not the first time that Hamilton has done something like this. Also in 2019, the Briton unfollowed everyone. The number two of 2021 has not yet taken any action to unfollow everyone he follows on other social channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Hamilton normally likes to reach out to his followers on Instagram and give an insight into his luxurious life. With a whopping 26.3 million followers and another 1.7 million likes on his last posted photo from a week ago, the Sir has the 'the means' to make a statement. However, the action is not accompanied by text and explanation so it remains speculation about the actual reason for his action.

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