New layout of Yas Marina Circuit to provide more overtaking opportunities

08-12-2021 06:16 | Updated: 08-12-2021 09:29
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New layout of Yas Marina Circuit to provide more overtaking opportunities

This weekend the last race of the season will take place at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The circuit has received a lot of criticism because of its layout, so it was decided to make the changes for 2021.

What has been changed?

The changes to the track were announced by Formula 1 back in June, when it was said that these alterations would provide more overtaking opportunities. The biggest distinctions are in the corners. Turns 5 and 6 have been brought forward and the hairpin has been changed. Turns 11 to 14 have become 180 degree turns; Some other corners are more open to allow the drivers to reach higher speeds in the apex.

The drivers will be around 14 seconds faster compared to last year. Max Verstappen's pole time in 2020 was a 1:35.246, but this weekend that will be much faster.


Pirelli will be taking the three softest compounds this weekend as they don't expect any major changes. "In general, the track is now faster and with more overtaking opportunities due to the creation of some faster corners. The result of these changes are greater vertical loads, especially on the front tyres. But we don't expect the overall severity for the tyres to change significantly, which is why we have nominated the softest tyres in the range," says Mario Isola at Motorsport Week.

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