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All conspiracy theories debunked: 'The FIA is not looking for Verstappen'

All conspiracy theories debunked: 'The FIA is not looking for Verstappen'

07-12-2021 20:38 Last update: 20:47


Many fans of Max Verstappen feel that the Dutchman is being punished disproportionately. No doubt some even feel Verstappen is being 'sought after' by the stewards, because Lewis Hamilton has to become champion.

No smear campaign

Dagblad De Limburger asked Jan Lammers if there is indeed a premeditated plan from the FIA? The analyst, sporting director of the Dutch Grand Prix and former F1 driver doesn't believe so. He doesn't think Verstappen is being sought. "The ultimate test of a fan is objectivity," says Lammers in the newspaper. "For a true Max fan, that is difficult. They can't hear a good word about the competition."

Lammers doesn't feel there is a smear campaign against Verstappen. "These things happen also because it is Max, this is part of his driving style. And if you have to do it with less material than your competitor, then you have to do different thins. The FIA is not bullying Max. Although I understand that Red Bull looks at it this way. But I don't see it. You can't deny that Lewis has worked hard for it. He really can't make a mistake. But you don't want to lose sight of sportsmanship. That has nothing to do with Max, because everyone was on the edge of their seats. "

Too many rules

Lammers does believe there are too many standard rules in Formula 1. As a result, questionable things happen . "There is too much of a tendency to hand out these penalties. The latest incident where Hamilton crashes into Verstappen is primarily due to the introduction of DRS. Too many rules have been introduced."

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