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Verstappen senior furious: 'Mercedes always blames others'

Verstappen senior furious: 'Mercedes always blames others'

07-12-2021 17:40 Last update: 18:33


It is war between Red Bull and Mercedes that much has become ever more prevalent in recent days. Toto Wolff tells Mercedes that Verstappen deserves penalties for his driving behaviour and that Red Bull is favoured.


Lewis Hamilton said in Saudi Arabia that Verstappen doesn't follow the rules, implying that the FIA let Verstappen get away with his driving too often and that Mercedes was disadvantaged this way. Shortly thereafter, team boss Toto Wolff was just as outspoken about the competitor in the World Championship. The fact is that Verstappen has had to take far more penalties this season than Lewis Hamilton.

Mercedes would also create the image that Max Verstappen is reckless. Max's father Jos Verstappen is irked about this; he told The Telegraph. "For me Toto is a wolf in sheep's clothing".

Shifting blame

"All they do at Mercedes is shift the blame onto others. In one way or another they have an edge with the FIA. If you analyse everything, the viewer doesn't understand the decisions anymore. And I'm not just talking about the last race. Whoever becomes champion; I have lost my trust in Formula 1 and I think it is a big shame what is happening here", according to Jos Verstappen.

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