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Jos Verstappen: I respect him as a driver, but apart from that... nothing

Jos Verstappen: "I respect him as a driver, but apart from that... nothing"

05-12-2021 10:48 Last update: 12:34


Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have known each other for years now, but according to Jos Verstappen it doesn't show. The seven-time World Champion shows no interest in other drivers because he is in his own little world.

The Red Bull Racing driver has been walking around the paddock since 2014 and his father has been going with him to various Grands Prix for years. Yet in all these years, he hasn't managed to really engage with Hamilton and the former Formula One driver has no problem with that. "I never speak to Lewis. He doesn’t need to speak to me. I’m nothing to him. I respect him as a driver, but apart from that... nothing," Verstappen senior told the Daily Mail.

The 24-year-old driver talks reasonably much with the other drivers on the grid, but there are not many conversations between him and the Brit according to his father. "Max and Lewis only speak on the podium, very little. When I see Max with other drivers, I think they get on very well. But with Lewis nothing. Lewis is in his own world. There are “some” drivers who don’t look at you, who look at the ground."

Verstappen not involved in politics

Verstappen certainly has respect for the seven-time World Champion and also sees that Hamilton just does everything his own way. He himself is more of a fan of Max's attitude because he remains himself. "Max is how he is. Some people like it. Some people don’t. He says what he thinks but doesn’t get involved in political matters, such as what is happening in other countries, like Lewis does. Max sees it as a case of doing a job as a sportsman and leaving it at that."

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