Remarkable statement by Verstappen: 'It's impossible'

05-12-2021 07:57 | Updated: 05-12-2021 10:41
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Remarkable statement by Verstappen: 'It's impossible'

Max Verstappen has two more Grands Prix to defend his eight point lead in the World Championship. The Dutchman has said on several occasions that it would not be a disaster if he did not take the world title, but Anthony Davidson finds that hard to believe.

The former Formula 1 driver knows better than anyone what it takes to perform every week. He is therefore convinced that Verstappen will be disappointed when or if he ends the season empty handed, he said in an interview with

According to Davidson, it is unthinkable that Verstappen would be in such an easy position. "I know one thing for sure and that is that both drivers would love to be champions this year," stated Davidson. "There is absolutely no doubt about that. It's impossible not to want it when you're so close. So of course he wants to win."

Verstappen goes for world title

Davidson sees how eager Verstappen is to stand with the top prize in his hands. "Drivers are incredibly competitive and hugely driven. I'm not sure what's behind that comment, but you only reach the level of Max and Lewis if you really want to be World Champion. That you would be satisfied with second place afterwards is really unthinkable."

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