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Verstappen on Jeddah: I wonder who approves of this kind of track

Verstappen on Jeddah: "I wonder who approves of this kind of track"

04-12-2021 14:37 Last update: 15:57


The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix will be held for the first time in Formula 1 this year. The brand new circuit of Jeddah has a high speed and is therefore quite a dangerous track. Max Verstappen gives his opinion on the new addition to the Formula 1 calendar.

"It's quite a dangerous circuit. There are so many blind corners, so if someone is slow in a corner, you won't know until you get there. I expect some problems. There can be big accidents," Verstappen said in an interview with The Daily Mail.

During the second free practice on Friday, we already saw a big accident. Charles Leclerc drove into the wall at high speed, but was fortunately unharmed.

Verstappen reacts sarcastically

"I wonder who approves of this kind of track. I mean, what a great idea. I think they have ninety million dollars worth of reasons to race here." Indeed, Formula 1 receives a lot of money for the Jeddah circuit's place on the calendar.

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